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    Kairo No. 3


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    Be Nude Be Matte Be Perfect


    The Matte Lipstick by PERFECT LIPS by Biha in an intense beige shade is one of our absolute favorites.
    Der Matte Lipstick von PERFECT LIPS by Biha  in einem intensiven Beigeton gehört zu unserem absoluten Liebling.


    It’s no wonder either, because it visibly emphasizes the lips without being too intrusive. In addition, the beauty piece impresses with its strong color pigmentation and its matt finish, which can give the look that certain something.
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    Perfect Lips by Biha are vegan, waterproof lipsticks which feel super-light on your lips. A wide range of colors is available, meaning there is a perfect match for everyone's taste. Perfect Lips by Biha are matte lipsticks with up to 16-hour durability. Their rich pigmentation makes them wearable in all combinations.

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